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About us

We are Giovanna and Andrea, a couple who have had a special gift: the Gallinella. Owned by Andrea's family, built in stone and poor lime in the mid-nineteenth century, in the years in which the unification of Italy was achieved. Since 1997 she has been hosting us and we have been taking care of her. Together with many of our precious friends, we have restructured and lived it over the years, creating the desire to share this privilege and enjoy the magic that surrounds it together. An uncontaminated nature, capable of putting us back into the world, of making us rediscover what it means to truly breathe. Hence the idea of hosting you in the woods. The dream of offering and sharing so much beauty, instead of keeping it for us. A nest of four hectares, between woods and olive trees, overlooking the immense and powerful blue of the sea. A beauty that must be lived, which has no mercy on our unprepared humanity.


From the hill to the sea


Restructuring the team of friends

Open sky

Rebuilding our roof together with Giordano's precious help

Lunch break

The beautiful moments

Andrea & Giovanna

A D.O.C. team

This is us now!