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About us

We are Giovanna and Andrea, a couple who have had a special gift: Gallinella farm. Property of Andrea's family, built of local stone and lime in the middle of the nineteenth century, the house came to us almost ruin. Since 1997 she has hosted us and we take care of her. Together with many of our precious friends we have renovated it and lived it happy and this happiness has become the desire to share our privilege.
This is how the idea of inhabiting the forest was born, creating eco-sustainable structures in harmony with the environment, destined to give you an out-of-the-ordinary holiday. An uncontaminated nature, a nest of four hectares, between woods and olive trees, which overlooks the intense and powerful blue of the sea. The beauty of Gallinella in summer is almost violent: still year after year, it leaves us enchanted.


La Gallinella's accommodations (one apartment, one wooden cabin and eight tents) are located some along the terraces that house the ancient olive grove, others in the cherries, others among the chestnut trees. Each of our tents is unique in location and décor. Choose yours!

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A day on the boat

Upon your arrival in Gallinella ask us how to organize a wonderful day on a sailing boat.

Bike excursions

Along the Etruscan Coast from Castagneto, Bolgheri to Sassetta and up to Volterra, we will recommend the best bike itineraries. You can rent your e-bike from us!

Horseback riding

Ask for information to organize a horse ride along the country trails.

Wine tasting

We can help you find out which wineries in Bolgheri and its surroundings organize tastings and guided tours